Offered by: Our team!

Respite workers will focus on life skills, making and building friendships, working together and having fun doing the activities your child loves the most. Respite can take place both in and out of your home. Here at Exceptionally Educated we have a respite room along with a hot-tub and many other outdoor activities that your child can engage in.

Respite workers become best friends, and like a family member. They are not a babysitter, but rather a friend that can be counted on. When choosing a respite worker we will help you to decide who is best fit to be part of your family. We will work to set up a schedule that works for you and create a list of goals for your child and their respite worker to work on! We do all the training and supervising to ensure that your child and their chosen respite provider are a perfect fit!

Cost: $25 an hour

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