What is Exceptionally Educated?

Exceptionally Educated is my dream come true. It has always been my passion to create specialized programs for children with exceptionalities that helps them be part of an inclusive community. Exceptionally Educated is not intended to remove children from inclusive environments, but rather to help them build the skills needed to be part of one. Specialized programs are also a way for children with exceptionalities to build passion, try something new and be who they truly are! It is a safe, fun, welcoming and engaging environment.

Exceptionally Educated focuses on creating fun and engaging programs for children. These children come and meet other children and do what they love to do! Parents do not need to send an aide as we have highly trained staff to support the children in their activities. Our staff are passionate, dedicated, outgoing and excited to grow alongside the children on their journey.

We also offer private respite and private services that focus on the goals parents have for their children.

New to us is developmental assessments; behaviour planning, intervention planning, motor skill buckets, and diagnostic assessments.

Although COVID-19 is at the forefront right now, we are following all government protocol and keeping our team and children safe.

By Mrs.Schienbein

I have a B.Ed, my certification in Special Education and am working to complete my Masters in Special Education and Educational Psychology. I currently teach for the Lloydminster Catholic School Division. I have a passion for working with people who have exceptionalities and have spent the past 9 years immersing myself in a variety of experiences with children, teens and adults living with exceptionalities. My goal is to build a program in Lloydminster that provides all people living with exceptionalities an opportunity to develop the skills needed to be involved in an inclusive environment, as well as have opportunities available for them to build passion, try something new and most importantly have fun!

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